Ahijit Chatterjee- Owner, My Apricot Kitchen.

  • Ahijit is an entrepreneur and owner of My Apricot Kitchen, a startup food producer. He holds a post-graduate degree in Computer Science and has over twenty years of experience in information technology specializing in analytics, machine learning and Internet of Things with a focus on the food and restaurant industry.

    Presentation Title

    Cutting Edge Food Technology with Artificial Intelligence


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting the food industry in multiple ways providing a plethora of opportunities for early adopters. Food producers, restaurants, cafes, workforce, consumers, governments  are all impacted. What all innovations are available today? What all are in the pipeline? Starting with the creation of new recipes, adapting international cuisine for a local palette to addressing the potential hunger problems for the growing global population myriads of applications are now available and more coming up each day. What can I use, what do I need to watch out for.


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