Austin O’Keeffe-Owner, AOK Cafe.

  • With a background in sales and marketing, he came across a new coffee that had a positive effect on him. He thought other people could benefit from drinking it and so started a coffee business from home, promoting this healthier coffee.

    A few years later, he is now a mentor to others who want to start a coffee business from home and he is the first in Ireland to be awarded the title of Star Diamond Distributor by the DXN company who supply the coffee. DXN is a Malaysian company whose main product is Ganoderma coffee, but they also have supplements and personal care products. This year they will reach $1 billion in global sales.


    ‘The Importance of a Bean In Earnest’

    Which is a play on the words of an Oscar Wilde play.

    It will be a talk on the importance of a coffee bean for your health, including the latest research.

    I will also mention why the coffee I promote use a herb called Ganoderma to make coffee even healthier.


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