Bob Powles-Managing Director, Needham Coding Ireland Limited.

    • Bob Powles-Managing Director, Needham Coding Ireland Limited.'s presentations

    Bob Powles has 20 years’ experience of the coding and marking industry. Bob was the owner of distributor ACS, until it merged with The Needham Group to create Needham Coding Ireland Limited.The Mullingar-based business is backed by Needham Coding UK Limited, Needham Inks Limited and Needham Coding Distribution Limited

    Presentation title: Keeping it Continuous


    Many of today’s food and drink manufacturers, processors and packers have complicated coding and marking needs due to an increasingly demanding legislative environment and stringent retailer requirements.

    To minimise the impact of costly product recalls and food scares, legislation dictates that food and drink products are coded for traceability.  As well as ensuring brand protection, it gives consumers confidence in the food they are consuming whilst ensuring accountability should the worst happen.

    As a result, the quality and durability of vital printed information and barcodes is more important than ever.

    Continuous Inkjet is one of the oldest and most mature printing technologies still widely in use today and Bob Powles, Managing Director at Needham Coding Ireland Limited, will examine why these are still the printers of choice where accuracy, speed, flexibility and reduced environmental impact are key requirements.



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