Brian Downes-CEO, Performance Consultant.

  • Brian Downes is the founder of performance consultancy, Performance Cubed. He is a specialist on people centred performance for business growth, a sought after public speaker and the creator of the Performance Cubed approach, the Performance Equation and the Business Design methodology. Brian’s performance through people approach to business growth and change is founded on 20+ years of business experience around the globe, a successful career in sport and an academic background in business, accounting and behavioural science. Brian works with organisations and leaders in a variety of industries internationally and is a coach to CEO’s and senior executives for performance & leadership development, communication and solutioneering. He lives in Limerick, Ireland and relishes the opportunity to travel and take on new projects in any location.

    Leading & Developing High Performing Teams


    This presentation will look at three crucial areas of focus for leading and developing high performance within an organisation.


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