Brian Walsh- Packaging Technologist, Repak Ltd.


      Repak Corporate Portraits. Brian Walsh. Photo Chris Bellew / Copyright Fennell Photography 2016

    • Brian Walsh- Packaging Technologist, Repak Ltd.'s presentations

    Brian Walsh is responsible for the management and implementation of Repak’s Packaging Waste Prevention programme. He advises manufacturers and retailers on Packaging Optimisation and Packaging Waste Prevention initiatives, both in-house and on-site.  Brian has over sixteen years experience working within the food manufacturing and packaging industries in packaging development and project management roles. He helps Repak’s members to save on both materials and money through optimising their packaging systems.


    Presentation Title

    Repak and the Prevent and Save Programme – Best Practices and Opportunities


    Presentation Synopsis

    This presentation discusses the role of Repak in growing Packaging Waste Recyclingin Ireland since 1997 and how it’s Packaging Waste Prevention Programme – “Prevent and Save”is helping businesses to prevent packaging waste by tackling waste at source.

    The talk discusses how Repak works with its members to help them reduce the amount of packaging placed on the Irish market through this free programme. It also highlights some key observations andindustry best practice examples from the programme.

    Also we look at what the key challenges and opportunities are around packaging waste and what the EU’s Circular Economy Package will mean for Irish industry.


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