Ciara Jackson-Food, Agribusiness & Drink Practice Leader, AON.

    • Ciara Jackson-Food, Agribusiness & Drink Practice Leader, AON.'s presentations

    Ciara leads Aon’s Food, Agribusiness and Drink practice, working with clients to to deliver innovative industry-specific risk management solutions and services, with an emphasis on risk identification, assessment and developing solutions for emerging risks.Over the course of her career, Ciara has worked with Kerry Group, General Electric and Grant Thornton.

    Emerging risks in the Food, Agribusiness & Drink sector

    What keeps you awake at night? Whether you run a local, regional or global business, threats to your business come in all shapes and sizes and those threats are evolving fast.


    Therapidly changing business environment and the world’s increased connectivity means that traditional – and non-traditional – risks are becoming more and more unpredictable. Business leaders are challenged with how best to detect, prepare for and mitigate the volatility these present to their financial targets and even to the overall sustainability of their business.


    Post the BREXIT referendum, it is clear a period of uncertainty beckons, and it will likely be some time before we have a clear picture of the actual implications to talent, innovation, foreign investment, trade and supply chains.



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