Cormac McElhinney PhD-Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Teagasc

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    Cormac McElhinney Ph.D, AMRSC is a post-doctoral researcher and laboratory manager at the Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre at Teagasc. Cormac specialises in the chemical analysis of food and animal feed and has extensive experience in the research of chemical contaminants in food and feed, including mycotoxins, pesticides and veterinarian drug residues. He has also conducted research on macro and micro nutrients in food and feed and is most passionate about food safety, sustainability and quality, from farm to fork.

    The title of my Talk is: Is Grass-fed Beef healthier for than concentrate fed-beef?



    The effects of a novel “all grass-based” diet and the more traditional concentrate/silage-diets on the fatty acid composition of cooked beef muscle will be discussed. Heifers were fed either : barley/soya ration ad libitum + 10kg grass silage (CONC), grazed grass followed by grass silage ad libitum + 2 kg of the above concentrate (GSR) or 2 kg concentrate supplemented with ruminally protected linseed meal (GSN) or high digestibility grass (GPO). When the two extreme diets were compared, cooked beef from GPO had higher proportions of Polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3, EPA and CLA than CONC.  Consumption of grass-fed beef with increased n- 3 fatty acids and CLA can contribute to daily requirements of these beneficial fatty acids.


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