Deaglán Ó Broin- Quality Control Manager, Parkside, Irl Ltd.

    • Deaglán Ó Broin- Quality Control Manager, Parkside, Irl Ltd.'s presentations

    Industrial Chemist.  MD of  2 manufacturing companies exporting to France, Germany and Belgium.  Consultant to Parkside Ltd., janitorial/hygiene supplies company, supplying supermarket chains, hotels, nursing homes, food processors. Responsible for process water treatment plant installation in major poultry plants in ROI and NI.  Responsible for compliance with REACH, CLP,  Health & Safety, Directives, Statutory Instruments.

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     In our parents or probably more accurately , our grandparents time, food was grown and sourced locally and had been for a very long time. We shared a local gene pool of microorganisms . Today , as you are well aware , if you eat either a washed or unwashed salad in many parts of the world, you are guaranteed to suffer some form of discomfort or even food poisoning which has no impact on the local population, just as in our grandparents time. (Swedish tourists in Spain in the 1960’s)


    The UK Brexiteers seem to believe that that they can do trade deals with developing countries around the world and as part of that import food and other goods at very favourable prices . This has huge implications for farmers and food producers in the UK, NI and ROI.


    We could spend many hours right here and now discussing the details of  this with regard to the various sectors of the food industry but I would prefer to skip to what I see as the bottom line. By the way , I must tell a little story about an incident that occurred in Scotland when I was working on drinking water for poultry ( brief anecdote about differing attitudes regarding European Standards)


    So what are we to do ?


    I believe that we must implement and adhere to ISO Standards wherever possible which will be the same as EU Standards in almost all cases. We must insist on this . The UK cannot dismiss these Standards as being punitive or overly bureaucratic and must apply them to all suppliers regardless of their country of origin. They may try to bend or alter or dismiss EU Standards but they cannot do that to ISO Standards because their own manufacturing and export industries will depend heavily on them. They cannot cherry pick or have their cake and eat it at the same time. Best of luck Gentlemen and Ladies.


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