Declan Ryan-Managing Director, Ryan’s Arbutus Bread.


      Photograph: Alan Betson, Irish Times Photographer. 9/6/08 ------------------------------------ Declain Ryan with some of his Arbutus Bread , baked in Cork City.

    • Declan Ryan-Managing Director, Ryan’s Arbutus Bread.'s presentations

    I trained for Hotel Management in Hendon in London, but was relegated to the kitchen when I came home. I gained Ireland’s first Michelin star in 74’ at Arbutus Lodge Hotel in Cork and again at Cashel Palace in 81’.

    I retired from the hotel Business in 99’ and set up a retirement project of a tiny craft bakery in a two-car garage.  This has grown quite a bit as now we have 19 employees, 5 five vans and national distribution of our par baked frozen breads.

    Presentation  Title:          Because we need the Dough



    1. History of Arbutus Lodge
    2. Bread as a hobby books I found helpful- Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain, James Beard, Charles Van Ove,
    3. Bread fashions – influences Darina Allen, Frank Riordan, Xavier honorin, Pierre Nory.
    4. Nutrition and Bread
    5. Sourdough and real bread Ireland
    6. The next generation



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