Diarmaid Murphy -CEO & Co-Founder, Promo Pads Ltd.


      Repro Free: 3rd November 2016. Diarmaid Murphy. Picture Jason Clarke.

    • Diarmaid Murphy -CEO & Co-Founder, Promo Pads Ltd.'s presentations

    Diarmaid Murphy, CEO of Promo Pads Ltd. With an MBA from Smurfit Business School, Diarmaid founded Promo Pads Ltd in 2016, to develop Europe’s first digital tabletop ordering system. Previously a military project manager working across industry sectors including Food Service, on projects with values ranging up to €20 million.

    Presentation Title

    Technology – Changing the Game in Food Service

    Brief synopsis of talk

    Since James Jacob Ritty patented the first cash register in 1879 “to keep his bartenders honest”, the accepted paradigm in food service has involved unacceptable levels of inefficiency, constantly pushing up costs. Staff members participate in every stage of the process flow, representing not only a financial overhead for the business, but an operational challenge to find suitable personnel. Existing food service processes see bartenders facing away from customers, leaning over cash registers, and floor staff quickly taking orders or leaving customers to wait until they are free. All instead of staff being free to engage with customers to improve the experience in the premises. Customers leave queues to go elsewhere, and lost sales are rampant as customers feel uncomfortable having to engage with staff to reorder or to wait for additional items. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Technology is changing the world we live in, and in the process changing the fundamental food service paradigm as we know it.


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