Dr. Sabine Harrison- Food Science & Nutrition Technologist, UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science

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    Sabine is a Food Science & Nutrition Technologist and lab manager at the UCD Institute of Food & Health. She previously received her MSc. in analytical chemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria before obtaining her PhD. from UCD for her research on food authentication and diet reconstruction in lamb and cattle.

    Following the completion of her PhD, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry where she further developed her skills in the development and validation of analytical methods. She then brought this knowledge as well as her understanding of regulatory requirements back to UCD where her industry awareness has proven very beneficial.

    In her current role, Sabine’s main interest lies in the development and validation of robust analytical method for the determination of bio-active compounds in foods through HPLC and GC analysis.

    Presentation Title: UCD Food Science – Your Partner for New Product Development

    Presentation Synopsis:

    UCD Food Science is the Irish leader in the area of food research and technology being ranked in the top 5 research institutions in Europe as well as in the top 10 globally based on the impact of their publications and their citations. In addition, we have a long track record of working in collaboration with and for leaders and innovators in the Irish Food industry. In keeping with the needs of the Irish food community, our research focuses on new food processing methods for sustainable manufacturing, enhancing microbial safety and overall addition of nutritional value to foods through in-depth analysis of food and food ingredients. In addition, we have significant experience in the manufacturing, incorporation and determination of functional ingredients. Our innovative and cross-disciplined team can help you in creating the next big thing in the food market.



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