Eddie O’Gorman PhD-Director and owner, KBH Nutrition.

  • Eddie is director and owner of KBH Nutrition which is a small Irish R&D company focusing on clean label as well as vegan friendly creatine drinks and new high protein vegan frozen deserts, with collaborators in Switzerland, Germany and Serbia. Eddie did his PhD at the ETH Zurich investigating creatine depletion as a model for mitochondrial myopathies and has maintained his interest in this field ever since.

    Title: A Vegan Friendly Creatine RTD

    After years of testing, we have successfully generated a new patent pending creatine shot, that is easy to manufacture and also provides high muscle creatine concentrations as shown by MRI. This talk will give an overview of the process of going from concept to launch of a drink invented in Ireland, as well as the validated technology behind the drink.


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