Elaine Sloan-Director, Behaviour & Attitudes.

  • Elaine is a Director of B&A.  She began her career in Irish Marketing Surveys and joined B&A when it was initially established in 1985.  Elaine handles both quantitative and qualitative consumer studies and now has 32 years’ experience of listening to and reporting on consumer trends.

    Presentation Title Is the image of the drinking Irish now a myth?


    B&A have been collecting information on frequency of going to pubs, restaurants and home consumption of alcohol since 1995.  Our most recent survey was undertaken in June and has a story to tell!  There is clear evidence that our use of the pub is in consistent and significant decline. In addition, and forthe first time in our reporting history, we are also seeing a decline in weekly home alcohol consumption.  Are the drinking Irish finally getting the health message?   While this is a positive outlook on these results, there is no doubt that this changing behaviour has significant implications for pubs and off trade businesses.


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