Fiona Uyema-Owner & Founder, Fused.

  • Fiona Uyema is an award winning cook and author of cookbook “Japanese Food Made Easy”. She provides consultancy to restaurants and gives talks/demos across Ireland. Inspired by her time in Japan, she created “Fused by Fiona Uyema” a healthy and tasty range of flavoured soy sauces to bring Japanese flavours to your everyday cooking.  

    Presentation Title:

    Unique Insights into Building a Successful Food Business in Ireland

    Presentation Synopsis:

    In her presentation Fiona Uyema will bring us on an unique journey telling us how she transformed her passion for Japanese food into a successful business. Fiona will explain  how she built a food brand from scratch with a small budget using creative and effective ways to develop a sales and marketing strategy. She will highlight the challenges and the opportunities available to small businesses in the Irish marketplace.


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