Gavyn Pedley- C.E.O. Moodley Manor Ltd.

  • BIO

    Gavyn Pedley, Bsc in Entrepreneurship founded Moodley Manor Ltd. in 2014 and has innovated in the sustainable food sector with his ever-developing range of meat-free meat alternatives. Since beginning in 2014, Moodley Manor now supplies across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK with launch in mainland Europe planned later this year.



    Normalising the niche in emerging markets in line with ethical eating trends


    Brief Synopsis

    Gavyn is an expert in making niche products mainstream within developing and emerging markets. This talk will outline the community development strategy of Moodley Manor, it’s innovative launch platform, its growth strategy and also its educational ambitions for 2017. Gavyn is also authoring a book directly related to this field to stimulate innovation and growth in a demanding sector with specific attention to strategic market entry.


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