Gordon McCready-National Sales Manager, OspreyDeepclean.

    • Gordon McCready-National Sales Manager, OspreyDeepclean.'s presentations

    Gordon is National Sales Manager for OspreyDeeepclean covering all the UK and Ireland. Gordon has worked extensively in the food industry for various companies firstly in the supply detergents and sanitisers, through to Contract Cleaning, and now with Osprey supplying bespoke steam cleaning and sanitation solutions.

    Our Steam cleaning machines and the Dry Steam they produce are able to clean and sanitise through heat transfer on to the surface they are cleaning. Our machines were originally produced to remove Healthcare Affected Infections (HCAI) from hospitals. The move into food was a natural progression.

    Our Steam technology has been verified by Campden BRI for the removal of allergens and pathogens. We also operate in many High Care factories for the removal of listeria.

    Osprey supply machines all over the world from our Cheltenham office and we supply to a number of major Global food manufacturers’

    Presentation Title- ‘Chemical Free Cleaning and Sanitation using Dry Steam Technology’

    Brief- How Dry Steam Technology using just water can clean and sanitise most food production surfaces. We will explain the science behind it and how simple the technology is to use within a busy production arena. The ability to remove allergens and pathogens from all food  and non-food contact surfaces using dry steam and thermal disinfection.


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