Ingrid De Doncker-Managing Director, iDDea.

  • I am the founder of iDDea, previously known as IDD Consult and e-Quiddity, a company that increases the ROI and impact of procurement’s contribution to the bottom line of any business. We focus on delivering value beyond cost savings and on implementing best procurement practices upfront. We do this either by upskilling the competencies of your procurement professionals, by offering an outsourced buying team who will buy on your behalf and deliver savings upfront, or by designing fit for purpose “value beyond cost savings” transformation programs.

    I lecture in UCC, Procurement Management and work together with top brands in Ireland and UK.

    I have more than 20 years of experience build up across all the stages and seniority of the buyer-seller engagement in various industries in Ireland and Europe: airports, public / semi state bodies, sales
    Presentation Title:  Procurement as a source of New Product Innovation


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