Jackie Gibney B.Sc.-Food Safety Manager, Complete Laboratory Solutions.

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    I currently work in the microbiology department of CLS (Complete Laboratory Solutions) as the Food Safety Manager and specialize in hygiene training and food safety audits with particular focus on – consultation and guidance on food safety legislation; microbiological testing including shelf life testing and nutritional analysis; auditing compliance for catering and retail sector – as well as coordination and management as a sampling technician on more than 900 client food safety programmes.

    As health screening manager I was responsible for the setup of the Health Screening Department at CLS in 2007 and manage client testing requirements on a project by project basis.

    About CLS – founded in 1994, CLS is a leading contract laboratory that provides microbiological and analytical testing, and supplies trained analysts on contract to the food, environmental, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The company is very proud to work in partnership with its clients, many of whom are leading global brands. CLS currently employs 140 staff and operates throughout Ireland, UK, and Europe and in parts of America and is FDA approved, GMP approved (HPRA), ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 17025 (108T).


    My role involves working with a variety of CLS clients throughout Ireland in the manufacturing, catering and retail sectors. I liaise and consult on food safety legislation and provide guidance to clients and specialise in:
    • Microbiological testing including shelf life testing and nutritional analysis
    • Regular INAB 17025 accredited microbiological analysis
    • Audit in compliance with IS 340:2007 hygiene in catering sector
    • Audit in compliance with IS 341:2007 hygiene in retail sector
    • Development and implementation of hygiene training courses for clients
    • Design Food Safety Programmes
    • Sampling technician for 900+ Food Safety Programmes


    Talk: Food Safety Sampling Programmes to validate your food safety management system. Effective Food Safety Programmes as part of an overall food safety management system are important for the FBO to extend product shelf life, improve quality of food produced, reduce recalls, protect company brand and increase standards within the production environment along with complying with food safety legislation.



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