James Doyle-Managing Director, Synergy Network Ltd.

  • James Doyle qualified as an accountant in the 1980s and established Synergy Network Ltd over 20 years ago to implement accounting and stock control systems in SMEs; James is now heavily involved in implementing a cloud manufacturing solution, ExactOnline, for SMEs.

    Presentation Title     ExactOnline – Cloud Manufacturing system for small food & drink companies




    Imagine a system where you can record all your customer interactions, new business opportunities, service requests so that all your staff could see at a glance the entire relationship with the customer. This system would also show the ingredients of the finished product , plan production runs and show what raw materials need to be ordered to ensure the production plan can be fulfilled. If a product recall was required , you would know which customers were delivered the relevant batch. All you need is good internet service to allow you access the system from anywhere. Discard those spreadsheets and outdated accounting systems and join us in the cloud.



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