Jim Harding- Director, Herbal Tisane.

  • Jim Harding has many years experience in the Irish public and private sectors, working at a senior level in marketing and communications. His communication concepts and projects have won many national and International marketing and advertising awards.

    He has previously been a guest lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology. He organised an event which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1995, and despite numerous attempts to break it this record still stands.

    presentation title

    Herbal Tisane: Catering for the health conscious coffee and tea drinkers.

    -brief synopsis of talk

    In 2015, Jim had the pleasure of visiting the Greek Island, Ikaria. There are five blue zones on earth, where researchers discovered the longest-living people. Ikaria is the greatest of the Blue Zones.

    Ikaria is regularly visited by scientists and celebrity chefs like Donal Skehan and Jamie Oliver, as they try to unravel the secret behind the longevity and good health of it’s inhabitants. What differentiates

    Ikaria from the other Blue Zones is that it’s inhabitants drink tea made from the ‘caffeine and pesticide free herbs’ growing wildly around them. In 2016 Jim created Herbal Tisane and was appointed sole

    distributor in Ireland for the world famous Elixir Herbs and Spices, based in Athens. He is dedicated to working with select outlets in Ireland who want to improve and enhance their herbal tea offerings.


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