Joe Kelly-Microsoft Dynamics Director, ProStrategy.

  • ProStrategy is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and recognized as the leading partner in Ireland for Microsoft Dynamics and Analytics solutions.  Since 1985, ProStrategy have been helping businesses to streamline their operations and gain deeper insights into their business processes. To do this, we bring over 30 years’ experience of the industry and world-class software to the table.  ProStrategy’s success to date has been built on an impressive track record of high quality service delivered to a diverse customer base.



    Synopsis of Talk:


    Joe will talk about how ProStrategy help customers to:

      • Become More Efficient – Our solutions allow businesses to manage all the key processes and transactions in their business and to integrate their systems with customers and suppliers.  With solutions targeted specifically at the Food & Retail sector, hear how we can help you streamline your business and provide you with solid, actionable information.
      • Build and Maintain Relationships – Relationships are key to every business. So if you are interested in developing marketing campaigns, building a sales pipeline, delivering a better customer service or looking to understand what people are saying about your products and services on social media, we can help.
      • Create Insights through Analytics – Analytics help you understand how your business is performing and identify opportunities for growth.  There is no shortage of data now, both inside the organisation and externally.  But turning that data into information that you can trust, and have delivered to you at a level of detail and in a format that is relevant to you is still a challenge to many.   We help to prepare and organise the information and equip your people with the tools and skills to use their business knowledge to find insights.
      • Improve Performance – Fail to plan, plan to fail. Performance management solutions help you to grow your business and plan resources.   We help our customers plan revenue & margins, operating costs & expenses, employee headcount and integrate those to provide a full P&L view of budgets, forecasts, actuals and variances.  Hear how our customers can easily flex those plans to understand impact of increased sales opportunities, currency fluctuations or rising costs.



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