Julie Sittlington- Scientific Assistant (Human Intervention Studies Unit), Ulster University.

    • Julie Sittlington- Scientific Assistant (Human Intervention Studies Unit), Ulster University.'s presentations

    Julie Sittlington PhD SENr is a Scientific Assistant within the Human Interventions Studies Unit in Ulster University, Coleraine.  The unit, dedicated to carrying out human intervention trials,provides a range of services including body composition, bone health testing,biomarker analysis, and both dietary and food composition analysis.She has actively been involved in food industry, nutrition, and health research for 17 years.She is a Sports and Exercise Nutrition registrant.

    Presentation title:Food Industry and ResearchDevelopment: What can Ulster University offer?

    Synopsis of talk:

    Ulster University offers a range of state-of-the-art facilities and specialist laboratories together with highly skilled staff with extensive experience that deliver sensory, clinical and translational services to businesses such as the food industry and healthcare. An overview of some of the units will be presented along with their opportunities to the food industry including the Human Intervention Study Unit (HISU),dedicated to carrying out human intervention trials and provides facilities for assessment of nutritional status and health, and the Food and Consumer Testing Suite (FACTS) offering sensory testing and consumer research opportunities.


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