Karen Tyner -Senior Manager Prepared Food & Beverage Division, Bord Bia.

    • Karen Tyner -Senior Manager Prepared Food & Beverage Division, Bord Bia.'s presentations

    Karen’s educational background is in food science.  She has worked in the UK food ingredients industry and in global key account management before returning to Ireland to work as a category and account manager for Mars Ireland.   Karen was the Superquinn senior food buyer, the Topaz food service buyer and a senior buyer in Tesco prior to joining Bord Bia in 2015.  Karen now works with prepared food and drink companies to identify new export business opportunities.

    Bord Bia’s Brexit Response

    The UK is Ireland’s largest food and drink export market, worth over €4 billion in 2016.  Ireland is also the UK’s most important food and drink export market, with imports in the region of €3.8 billion last year.  Brexit may place the UK not only outside the EU but also the European Economic Area and the Customs Union and this presents an unparalleled challenge to the food industry.

    Earlier this year Bord Bia launched its Brexit Barometer, a risk analysis tool designed to help individual companies assess their exposure to six specific risk areas associated with Brexit – routes to market, customs and tax, supply chain, trade, currency and human resources.  The Barometer was designed to give individual, tailored feedback to companies with regard to their risks and vulnerabilities, and to flag those areas where pre-emptive action can and should be taken. This presentation will outline the findings and insights from the Barometer and the Bord Bia’s responses to its findings.


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