Larry Kirwan-Lead Trainer,Guardian Fire & Safety

  • Larry is a qualified Fire Risk Assessor and certified in the provision and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers to IS291.  Lead trainer at Guardian Fire & Safety, Larry is responsible for the delivery of a comprehensive range of fire safety training programmes across all sectors of industry. Passionate about empowering employees and helping business owners/managers fulfil their obligations, Larry also holds a certificate in Training & Continuing Education from NUI Maynooth.

    Presentation Title: Right Extinguisher, Right Risk – Managing fire safety to minimise costs and downtime

    Presentation Synopsis:

    While business owners and managers may partly delegate responsibility for their fire extinguisher specification and maintenance to a third party, can they be sure the provisions in place will be effective, compliant and not a risk factor themselves. Having inappropriate equipment in the wrong areas can lead to ineffective fire-fighting, contamination of the place of business, and even injury or death in extreme cases. We take a look at how the Responsible Person can avoid the costly implications of poorly-specified equipment, which range from fire damage and clean-up costs to reduced insurance settlements where risks have not been addressed properly.


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