Liam Murphy- Co-Founder and Director, HPP Tolling.

  • Liam Murphy is Co-Founder and Director of HPP Tolling who  opened Ireland ‘s first BRC Approved High Pressure Processing (HPP) central treatment facility in 2014 .Liam  is an Honours Science Graduate from UCG and has held a  broad range of leadership positions over the last 28 years in Ireland and the UK working for blue companies such as  Kerry Group and the Vion Food Group. 


    Presentation Title :High Pressure Processing (HPP) the Future of Food Preservation  


    The presentation will give an introduction to HPP Technology and the many benefits that it offers to the Irish Food Industry which include enhanced food safety ,extended shelf life and the potential to manufacture a wide range of clean label ,preservative free nutrient dense  food products .

    Examples of  HPP products currently on sale in the marketplace will be included .


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