Eimear O’Connor-Business Development Manager, TransferMate Global Payments.

    • Eimear O’Connor-Business Development Manager, TransferMate Global Payments.'s presentations

    Eimear O’Connor has 15 years in B2B account management and building strong strategic partnerships to open up new processes and revenue streams gained through her FMCG background at Kerry Group and Nielsen Market Research. Today Eimear is using this experience to work with companies to provide a more streamlined FX payment solution. TransferMate offer speed and significant savings in terms of the FX rates provided but we also want to stay ahead of the curb tailoring our customer experience based on our client’s requirements whether this is phone, online or integrated to your existing accountancy software.



    A Smarter Solution to International Business Payments




    Eimear O’Connor will be delivering a highly insightful presentation on how TransferMate Global Payments are helping companies across the globe to navigate the implications of Brexit in relations to currency volatility. We provide our clients with a streamlined payment solution tailored to fit with each individual client need.



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