Maria Jackson- Head of Operations, Northside Home Care Services and KARE Social Services

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    Presentation Title – Community Food Services

    KARE Social Services and Northside Home Care are not for profit charitable organisations in operation for 52 years providingHome Care Services, Meals on Wheels with Community Kitchens and Citizens Information in North Dublin.They have recently merged and every year the food service provides approx. 45,000 meals, comprising of sit down meals in Community Kitchens and Meals on Wheels Deliveries to elderly people in North Dublin. Its mission is to provide support, information and home care that helps improve quality of life, gives people in need an equal opportunity to live independently and with dignity in their local community.

    In all the Community Kitchens, staff are fully trained in all aspects of HACCP and Food Safety Hygiene, ensuringcompliance with the Food Safety Association of Ireland standards. All foodfrom our suppliers is traceable and daily records are kept on site.  All meals that produced from our kitchens are labelled in compliance with allergen legislation, safeguarding food safety for our elderly clients in the community.

    As a not for profit organisation KARE has always been conscious of the need to reduce costs and waste while maximising resources. The charity linked with FoodCloud over 3 years ago, enabling us to have access to a supply of fresh food and businesses can contribute to their community in a meaningful way.KARE’s partnership with FoodCloud and FoodCloud Hub has enabled it to reduce costs and introduce more variety to meals. It has given our chefs an opportunity to be more creative with nutritious menu planning.  We can also offer a surprise extra food item from our FoodCloud donations to clients with their meals due to the added variety of healthy food produce whose cost would normally be prohibitive to the charity.


    The initiative with FoodCloud allows us to work in partnership with the business sector with both sharing the same values of helping vulnerable people, reducing waste, reducing costs and enhancing the Meals on Wheels service. It evokes the true spirit of Meitheal!




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