Mark Chandler-Managing Director, Intrum Justitia Ireland.

    • Mark Chandler-Managing Director, Intrum Justitia Ireland.'s presentations

    With over 18 years of Financial Services experience with MBNA, Bank of America, Arvato and currently Intrum Justitia Ireland. Experience of the full customer cycle areas from acquisition, credit underwriting, customer service, credit management and debt collection. Leading the credit management and collections of invoices and debt generated across Europe, Asia and Australasia. Working for exporters and importers using local market skills and knowledge.

    Presentation Title: Getting Paid Faster…

    • The presentation will be about the challenges to SME’s in growing and managing their businesses as clients utilise their credit terms to manage their cash flow and how you can reduce this without outsourcing or credit insurance.
    • Providing data collated in the EPR (european payments report) and the impact that businesses are saying they are having due to non payment of invoices or longer/extended credit terms.
    • Though also still having the option to utlise credit insurance, third party collections companies and where necessary or appropriate legal resource.


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