Nial Molloy- Diageo Reserve & World Class Ireland Brands Ambassador, Diageo Ireland

    • Nial Molloy- Diageo Reserve & World Class Ireland Brands Ambassador, Diageo Ireland's presentations

    Twenty four years in hospitality may seem like a long time, but to Nial its gone by in the blink of an eye. “It changes so quickly that you have no choice but to keep young and think forward at pace. I’ve worked at everything from tending floor in the country local to exhibition bartending and industry consultancy, yet even today I find myself in awe of where we are at and what’s possible!” With extensive experience across multiple channels, Nial continues to embrace trends with passion and foresees a very different future for Irish Bars. He is currently the senior Brand Ambassador for Diageo Reserve & World Class Brands, a role that he defines as “nudging the industry in a positive and inevitable direction”.

    Presentation Title: The past, present & future of hospitality in Ireland


    Synopsis:  The Irish hospitality industry has seen enormous fluctuations in the past few decades. Known for our innate hospitality, the draw towards our offering has always been strong. But as generations pass and ideas and expectations change with the times, where does Ireland stand on the global stage, and perhaps more importantly, what do we need to do to stand tall on that stage? Bringing the worlds of Old and new together, Nial ties our rich heritage with our inevitable future. From Guinness by the fire to new age cocktails, all delivered magically under one roof.


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