Pauline Fitzgerald-Director, Woof Stuff LTD, Ireland.

  • Pauline Fitzgerald, a director of Woof Stuff has a First-Class Honours Business in Entrepreneurship Degree and a Master’s in Public Cultures and Society. Woof Stuffcreates low fat dog treats, made in Ireland with fruit and vegetables. Food Academy participants and awarded FinalistAgri Business of the Year-Emerging 2016.


    “How to start a business with a bag of porridge and a couple of carrots”.

    Brief Synopsis

    “Woof Stuff started when we rescued Zuomo from the side of a busy road, when he was eight weeks old.

    He is our inspiration for starting up our low fat, vegetable and fruit dog treat company, run by the Woof Stuff family.

    We were very fortunate to be selected to join the Food Academy with Musgraves and Super Valu and have now expanded into other independent outlets.

    We won Agri Business of the Year- Emerging Finalist Award in November 2016 and are expanding the brand on a weekly basis”.


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