Phil Nicholls, Managing Director, Medatech, UK

  • Phil Nicholls provides top-level leadership for the UK and Ireland operations. He firmly believes the company’s mission is to deliver a variety of creative, inclusive solutions to satisfy customers’ dynamic IT needs.

    He graduated from Exeter University as a Mechanical Engineer and remains a Chartered Engineer with I.Mech.E.


    Presentation Title: Priorities in Food and Drink Software


    Synopsis: Food and Drink items take a long time to get to the shelf, and there is a whole raft of operations that go on behind the scene before we purchase our chosen products. In a world where health and safety is crucial to the business and its customers, you need to make sure you have the desired traceability to provide the answers when it matters most. See how Phil Nicholls has successfully implemented this for leading brands in the UK and now expanding into Ireland.



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