Robert Hernan- Senior Lean Specialist, Enterprise Ireland.

    • Robert Hernan- Senior Lean Specialist, Enterprise Ireland.'s presentations

    Senior lean specialist in Enterprise Ireland’s Lean team. Currently supporting Enterprise Ireland’s food companies in implementing Lean transforms. Previously managed Lean Start and Plus business offers. 2015 managed the successful Lean for Micro (LEOs) pilot and supported the roll out of the IDA lean initiative.

    Previously was the technical manager in accredited ecotoxicity laboratory.

    Talk Title-

    ‘Lean in Food’

    Lean is a business improvement management system based on decreasing waste and maximizing your people’s potential. Enterprise Ireland’s Lean business offer has been supporting EI companies since 2009 with significant improvements in productivity, sales and employment. 877 lean projects have been carried out across various business sectors with 150 in the food sector. These have been in different types of food companies in various parts of the company.  In light of Brexit it is more imperative to be as productive and competitive as possible and Lean can help.

    This talk will present an outline of the EI lean business offer and the impacts on the food sector companies and present case studies.






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