Ruth Robertson-Management Systems Consultant, Bambus Solutions.

    • Ruth Robertson-Management Systems Consultant, Bambus Solutions.'s presentations

    Management Systems Consultant providing sustainable, value add solutions for quality, environmental and safety performance. Ruth has over 25 years’ experience implementing and operating ISO management systems in companies involved in manufacturing, logistics, waste management and service industries. She understands the need for a practical approach to ensure safety, quality and environmental systems and processes that work for the company in a positive way.

    Ruth provides services and support in

    • Safety Management
    • ISO Management systems ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001
    • Environmental compliance
    • Training
    • Auditing

    Talk Title :“Integrating quality management, food safety and employee safety” .


    Synopsis: The ISO standards are all aligning to make integration of management systems easier. I will look at the common elements and how integrating your management systems can save you time and resources.


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