Sarah Martin-CEO and Founder, Mamabud

  • Sarah Martin is CEO and founder of MamaBud, a platform that helps companies sell direct to Chinese consumers, quickly and cost effectively.

    Sarah has a background in International marketing and worked for 9 years with Unilever in their global Ice Cream category mostly at their HQ in Rome, Italy. She also spent 3 years in the Caribbean working for the telecommunications provider Digicel, where she held a number of roles, including Commercial Director for the Eastern Caribbean as well as Fibre M&A.

    She returned after almost 10 years abroad to complete an MBA at Smurfit Graduate Business School. During a course trip to China she discovered that consumers in China have an insatiable demand for foreign products, while foreign companies struggle to overcome the complexities of selling to them. MamaBud makes life easier for both sides of the equation.

    Brief description of talk:

    Lean Geographic expansion

    Sarah will talk about how Mamabud applies lean methodology to reduce cost and risks associated with market entry to China and other markets.


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