Stephen Doyle-Robotics & Motion Manager, ABB Ltd.

  • Stephen Doyle manages the Robotics & Motion Ireland division of ABB, a global technology leader within the industrial, utility and infrastructure markets. With 20 years’ experience in Irish industry and degrees in Electrical engineering and Marketing, he is well placed to provide guidance on implementing the right products and solutions to suit a customer needs.

    Title: Energy efficiency for the food & beverage industry        The importance of doing more with less.


    From giant operations to niche producers, more and more food and beverage producers are looking at energy as part of their bottom line. While energy is not always the largest cost, through energy efficiency measures it can be a controllable cost in an industry where every cent matters.


    For the last 125 years ABB has been at the forefront of driving innovation through our products, services and knowledge.  With 150,000 employees across 100+ countries we take pride in driving energy and production efficiencies for our manufacturing customers.


    The focus of this discussion is how to identify energy wastage in your manufacturing process and implement efficiencies using the latest technologies.



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