Tara Calihman-Content Marketing Strategist, Zahra Media Group

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    Tara Calihman recently moved to Ireland from the US, looking for a new adventure. She is the Content Strategist at Zahra Media Group, where she works with blue-chip clients, helping them develop content ideas that resonate with their audience and support their business objectives.



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    Cooking up Tasty Content: A Recipe for Content Marketing Success



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    Some 59% of 25- to 34-year-olds head to their kitchen with either their smartphones or tablets, and search interest for “best recipes” on YouTube is up 48% year over year. What does this mean? Potential customers are looking for cooking content so it’s in your brand’s best interest to make sure they find your content. In this presentation, I’ll share 5 ways that content marketing helps your brand, a case study of a company doing it well and provide tips for getting started.


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