Warren Singh-Director, Sandpiper Technology.

  • Warren Singh is an accountant who specialises in IT strategy and IT implementation. He works with Sandpiper Technology to help businesses find the right entry point for Salesforce CRM into their companies and the execution of that proposed strategy. Prior to joining Sandpiper Technology he worked for many years within EY’s IT Advisory service.

    Presentation Title: How CRM technology can help your business today

    Synopsis of Talk: CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. And a CRM application, in its simplest description, is an application which manages most of a business’ critical customer information such that you can see it all in one place. This then allows you, through using the information easily and efficiently, to manage and augment your sales and customer management functions. Better sales and better customer management leads to increased profitability. This talk will help you understand if now is the time for your company to invest in a CRM by looking at the following areas: Signs your business needs a CRM; How CRM can improve your sales and productivity; Building your CRM strategy and How to maximise your ROI.


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